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Here are some oaks that we pruned to perfection.  We removed every single piece of ball moss and also all of the dead branches.  Tree Trimming in Northwest Austin.Live Oaks:
Here is another live oak that we pruned to perfection this past January.  Tree trimming in Westlake.
***We have been trusted to take care of some of the nicest live oaks in the Austin and Round Rock areas.  This is one of my favorite trees and we take great pride making them as healthy and beautiful as possible.  Before we touch any live oaks, we make sure that all of our equipment that will be touching the tree is disinfected to help minimize the possibility of transmitting oak wilt.  All of our cuts are good, clean, flush cuts so that the wound can callus over naturally.  We do use a pruning seal also to protect from oak wilt.  Our climbers keep a can with them to treat as they cut and we also have a 14 ft telescoping pole painter which makes it to where we can treat the cuts that are higher up where we cannot climb.  We make sure to get the dead branches cut out first and we try to minimize the amount of live cuts that we make.  We also do ball moss removal and are capable of doing a 100% cleaning of ball moss from your trees.  The picture above on the right shows an example of that.  We got every single piece of ball moss out of these trees without using any sprays or chemicals which can be harmful to your grass.  We did it all by hand or with a pole saw.  Live oaks should be trimmed once per year either in the coldest part of the winter or in the summertime.  We do not trim live oaks from March until June or from October until December.
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Palm Trees:
 This is a before picture of some robellini's that were growing at Drive Time in South Austin.  Commercial tree trimming.   
This is an after picture of the robellini's that we trimmed to perfection at Drive Time in South Austin.  What a difference!  Commercial palm tree trimming.[To the left is a before picture of a cluster of palms that we recently trimmed.  To the right is the same cluster of palms after we did some major and much needed trimming on them.  What a difference!  You can barely tell that it's the same cluster of trees.]
     We also specialize in trimming your palm trees.  We are able to trim ANY palm tree that you may have.  Even the ones that are too tall for other tree service companies to trim.  We are very knowledgeable about all the different varieties of palms and the proper ways to care for them.  We also offer an organic manganese treatment for your palms that can be very beneficial to their health.  We also offer to come out and winterize your palm trees.  If a freeze is expected, we can protect them from getting winter damage which can weaken the tree and make it susceptible to the perils of disease.  Palm trees should be trimmed once every 6 months.  You shouldn't let them go too long without being trimmed because wasps and rodents love to make nests in the dead fronds of a palm tree.  For a good example of our work on palms, just visit the Drive Time on the south bound side of I-35 @ Stassney.
This is an after picture of a washitonian palm that we trimmed in Round Rock.  Work performed by Envision Landscapes and Tree service.This is a before picture of a washitonian palm that we trimmed in Round Rock.  Work performed by Envision Landscapes and Tree Service. 
                  (Before)                                                                 (After)
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Palm Trees (Drive Time)
These are some palm trees that we trimmed at Drive Time in South Austin. The tall ones are washitonians that were thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, and the smaller clusters of palms are robellin...
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Canopy Adjustments:
    We can make your canopies look great no matter what kind of tree it is that you need trimmed.  The most common tree that we do canopy work on is the Arizona Ash.  It is a very common tree in the Austin and Round Rock areas, and it is also a very fast growing tree.  It grows much faster than your oak trees and is great to plant when you want to have shade without waiting 30 years.  But they only have a life expectancy of approximately 30 years.  They have a very nice canopy that we really enjoy adjusting because we can really make them look great. 
 Roof Clearance:
     We always like to make sure that you have at least 4 feet of clearance from your roof.  We have plenty of experience working on roof tops and we can still make the canopy above the roof look nice without butchering it like I see a lot of.  It is important to make sure that you have enough clearance to keep the brush from rubbing the shingles which can eventually lead to costly roof repairs.  We can also trim any dangerous limbs that may be going over your house that are dead or alive.  We have all of the proper equipment, and more importantly, skills and experience to do any dangerous job over your house without causing any damage.  We are very safe and we specialize in technical jobs that you don't want to trust just anybody to do.  And for your safety, we also carry GL insurance and we are insured up to one million dollars.  Although so far, we have never had to make a claim. 
This is Josh doing a roof clearance job.  Envision Landscapes and Tree Service.
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