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Stump Grinding:

This is the owner, Mark Jankins, grinding a stump in Choctaw, Oklahoma where we did quite a bit of cleanup after tornadoes did extensive damage.  Stump grinding and removal.We offer stump grinding services on existing stumps or on the stumps of trees that we remove ourselves.  We can grind the stump down to below ground level to where you can grow your grass again and you won't be able to tell that it was ever there.  Our rates are lower than most others that offer this same service because we set up all of our stump appointments on the same day.  To the left is a picture that was taken in Oklahoma after the tornado damage from May 2010.  They lost several trees in the storm and most home owners didn't want the stumps to be left there.  By the way, that used to be a nice house in the background but it was completely destroyed along with several others.
Oak Wilt spreads quickly through the interconnected root system of Live Oaks. Root trenching severs the root connections creating a barrier to the spread of the disease.  Trenching could be a cost effective way to save your trees if nearby trees have been diagnosed with oak wilt. 
Fungicide Injections:
The triazole fungicide propiconazole is effective in management of oak wilt disease, It is a highly systemic sterol inhibitor that prevents fungal growth by interfering with cell wall formation. The commercially available formulation of propiconazole (Kestrel®, Quali Pro®, and Alamo®) is microencapsulated to make it soluble in any clean water near neutral pH. has demonstrated propiconazole to be effective in preventing infection following challenge inoculations by the fungus. The rates of propiconazole used is, 10 mils per tree DBH. The current highest label rate is equivalent to 20 mils per tree DBH. Propiconazole at the label rates may provide protection for multiple seasons.
Debris Hauling:
If you have any debris that needs to be hauled off, give us a call and we can come out to give you a free estimate.  We are able to haul off and dispose of the following:
  • Brush/ Storm Debris
  • Rocks/ Concrete
  • Appliances
  • Sheet Rock/ Construction Materials
  • Metal/ Aluminum
  • Decks/ Playscapes
  • and much more
Pressure Washing:
We offer exterior property cleaning for commercial and residential clients.  Our prices are very competitive and you can expect the same "Envision" quality with any of the work that we perform.  We can pressure wash your driveways, parking lots, decks, sidewalks, patios, siding, and we even do windows.  Call today for a free estimate.
Deep Root Fertilization:
Deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees. The materials are injected into the root zone under pressure which helps aerate or provide much needed oxygen to the root system.  Roots are opportunistic and develop where ever oxygen, nutrients, and moisture are present. Ongoing deep root fertilization programs improve the oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient levels within the soil, leading to improved environmental conditions around and within the root zone.  Call today for a free estimate.
Lot Clearing:
Our prices for lot clearing are very competitive.  We have access to all necessary equipment and we have ample experience with operating bobcats and other heavy duty machines.  Stump removal is also available.  Call today for a free estimate.